Probate… I help families

You may be aware that I visit clients in their own home to guide them to write their wills but do you know that I can also do Probate work?

Probate is needed for anyone who has died and left a will and for those who haven’t left a will then the probate court has to be approached for Letters of Administration.

A grant of probate is the official piece of paper that allows the named executors to gather in the deceased’s assets and distribute them according to the will.

People often name members of their family to be the executors but it can be hard work especially if you have no knowledge of the proceedings.

If you are named as an executor and do not wish to take the role you can pass this to a professional, which is quite often the reason I see families for our probate service. You may not know how to carry out the executor role, you may not have the time or you may be feeling too bereft to be able to cope with it.

I can also get involved if someone has died with out leaving a will. In this case Letters of Administration are applied for so that the estate is wound up.

The way the service works is that I meet the family and get the details of what the deceased’s estate consists of. It could be very simple with a property and bank accounts or more complex if they are a business owner or assets held overseas.

After that visit I provide a fixed price fee quote and the family can then decide whether to accept the fee or not.

If they accept the quote then I visit again to collect in all the relevant papers and these are submitted to my head office probate department. I do not do the actual probate work, this is handled by the trained professionals and I am the liaison between clients and head office.

To obtain the grant of probate and wind up someone’s estate is a long process and can take many months and sometimes more than a year.

The fee for the service is taken from the deceased’s estate so no one has to find this upfront.

If you would like to discuss an individual case please contact me.

My aim as always is to give families peace of mind in a friendly professional way.

One tip – if you advertise the death in the local paper and the London Gazette it is considered that the executor has discharged their responsibility to contact any creditors