Why is it important to store your will in a safe place?

It may sound like an obvious question – of course storing a document as important as your Last Will and Testament in a safe place is common sense but many people will still just have their will in their filing cabinet at home or in a drawer.

Having your will stored by a professional in a safe (we offer this service) provides peace of mind and ease of accessibility for the named Executors when the time comes.

However another reason that is likely to be not on your radar is the increase in Probate fraud. A recent report by the Society for Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) has stated that probate fraud is predicted to be in the region of £150 million! This is £100 million in excess of previous estimated figures. Quite a frightening thought.

Not all bereavements are surrounded by mourning and love. Some individuals see the death of a loved one as an opportunity to take advantage of the intended beneficiaries. This can occur after death or when a person is close to death, by committing fraud resulting in an individual obtaining assets, cash and personal possessions that they are not entitled to.

Of course these cases are a minority but with alarming frequency cases are being brought to court, so please ensure your Will is safeguarded.