Why do I need a Will?

Last year, approximately 70% of the people who died in the UK did not leave a Will, potentially reducing the value of their families’ inheritance, and causing untold stress, problems and additional costs.

Making a Will does not need to be stressful, time consuming or expensive.

Not making a Will can leave your family feeling stressed, with endless meetings and needless expenses.

In fact, one client recently said of working with me:

“Susan made the process seem relatively simple and painless.”

 Still not convinced? Read on:

  • Without a Will your spouse may not inherit everything, and may be left to cope with the distress and delays of intestacy. If anything happened to you both, the guardianship of your children would be out of your hands.
  • Unless you write a Will to structure your assets appropriately, children from previous relationships may never inherit as you intended.
  • If you are not married and you die without a will the law will treat you as though you are single, and your partner would receive nothing. You may also be liable for inheritance tax.
  • If you are separated and die without a Will, you may unintentionally leave your property and all your assets to an estranged spouse or partner.
  • Without a Will, guardianship of children under 18 may be unclear, leaving the courts to decide on their welfare.

Don’t put off making a will – call me today and make an appointment – I can come to your home or place of work.