Five years young!

APS Wills Buckinghamshire is five years young this month! What a five years it’s been! I wanted to share some of my highlights with you.

Firstly, it’s quite amazing to put this into black and white but in the past five years I have worked with over 700 clients! No, I haven’t added an extra zero on by accident – 700 clients!! I am so proud of this and I hope it shows you how much experience I can draw on! Most of my work comes from referrals and during the past five years I’ve worked with many people who are related so I end up getting to know whole families. This is just lovely and adds a real personal dimension to the work I do.

Some of my very sensible clients have called me back to review and update their wills and it is always nice to see how the children have grown or that they have moved on to bigger and better properties. Reviews are more important now than ever as the law on Inheritance Tax changed in April 2017 (read my blog for more information)

Continuing professional development is part and parcel of my role of course but I have studied and am now able to offer a probate service.

The way probate works is that Assured Probate Services can take over the probate work if executors do not wish to do it. Or if someone has died without a will then we can apply for letter of administration to wind up the estate and distribute the assets.

I visit families and get details of what estate consists of then I am able to send over a fixed price fee quote and if accepted then I visit again to collect all the relevant documents.

It is very sad when I hear that a client has passed away but I know families get some comfort in the legal side of things being smooth sailing – stress over a will is not welcome at all! One testimonial that has stayed with me is when a client’s will passed through probate so easily that the daughter then appointed me, she said she was so impressed with the professional will her parents had had.

A lovely piece of feedback from someone going through a very difficult time personally – I always offer a very gentle and thoughtful service to all of my clients.

I have been lucky enough to see my own family expand in the past five years – I am now a proud Grandmother to seven grandchildren, all born in the last four years! This serves as a reminder that a great deal of change can occur in a short amount of time and that we should reflect these changes in our Wills.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and here’s to the next five years!